Dolci di Romeo Sweets

Dolci Di Romeo distinguishes a line of leavened confectionary products, obtained exclusively with “yeast mother”. Production takes place a few kilometres from Verona. The production building, the equipment and the highly trained staff ensure the high quality and the steadfastness of the products. As support to a very efficient and organised, but still artisanal production, there is a commercial and administrative structure, which provides service to customers in Italy and abroad with great seriousness and efficiency.

Raw Panettone are stored for at least 7 hours in special climate chambers in a controlled environment with a temperature of 34°C and humidity of 60% to foster a further leavening. In the meanwhile, adequate controls, like baking tests, take place to monitor the development of the dough. The leavening is considered appropriate when raw Panettone grows up to the upper edge of the fluted paper case.