Zuegg Jam

Delicious and tasty extra jams, accurately made by Zuegg, good like homemade. Genuine ingredients and traditional recipes are the secrets of our Jam.

Quaranta Nougat

The company Industria Dolciaria Quaranta, located in Caravaggio 40 km from Milan,(northern Italy), has produced nougats, nuts brittle, lollipops and several more sweet goodies ever since 1924.

Pana Chocolate

Made from vegan, organic ingredients with no refined sugar, and produced using minimal heat.

Ital Biscuits

Ital Biscuits & Cakes is an Australian owned and operated company and is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of speciality biscuits and cakes.

Floriana Cakes

We have been creating and designing high quality cakes for over 30 years. Let us be a part of your next celebration and experience the delicious cakes we are famous for. 

Dolci di Romeo Sweets

The trademark “Dolci di Romeo” distinguishes a line of leavened confectionary products, obtained exclusively with "yeast mother". Production takes place a few kilometers from Verona. The production building, the equipment and the highly trained staff ensure the high quality and the steadfastness of the products. As support to a very efficient and organized, but still artisanal production, there is a commercial and administrative structure, which provides service to customers in Italy and abroad with great seriousness and efficiency.


Cupiello tells the story of an ancient equilibrium, Where the old love for tradition gets married with the most amazing technology. Cupiello is the Food Service brand of FRESYSTEM spa, Italian Market leader in the production of sweet and savoury deep-frozen bakery products.

Crich Wafers

The company originated in 1870 by the famous family of Treviso Cristofoletto, known bakers and confectioners before then, from which originates a historic and noble tradition of biscuits 'as homemade'.

Caffarel Chocolate

Caffarel offers the purest and most seducing expression of Piedmontese chocolate tradition. Caffarel introduced cocoa in Piedmont in 1826 and obtained a pefect harmony of flavours and tastes by combining it with the excellent ingredients of the territory.