Le Veneziane Pasta

In the heart of Veneto, Italy comes a truly special gluten free pasta unlike any other gluten free pasta you have ever tasted. Le Veneziane Pasta is produced using only the finest and top quality corn flour, ultimately the essential ingredient in producing beautiful and delicious gluten free pasta.

Eat Pasta

Eat Pasta's slow-dried, bronze-drawn egg pasta is handcrafted by Italian artisans in Melbourne, Australia, using 100% durum wheat, free range eggs, generations of Italian know how and a lot of love!

De Cecco Pasta

From the selection of the best grains to the slow drying process, discover the production phases of De Cecco pasta and all the secrets to cook it like a real expert. Today the De Cecco corporate brand is synonym for high quality in the semolina pasta sector and De Cecco is a group that can claim a revenue of over 220 million euro, a third of which comes from exportation.

Ardor Food Co | Gluten Free Pasta

Founded by Vince Lotito in Melbourne’s north, Ardor Food Co. produce award winning gluten free products for retail and wholesale.