Tasmanian Heritage Cheese

Crafted from the finest Tasmanian milk and sourced from the state's renowned environment. Each of our cheeses is defined by the quality, consistency and reliability you expect from Tasmanian Heritage.

South Cape Cheese

Maybe you're hosting a weekend BBQ, a brunch for friends or a special family celebration. Whatever the occasion, South Cape has a range of cheeses that will make you the life of the party! Put simply, South Cape is the brand for entertaining.

Monti Trentini Cheese

Talking about the Monti Trentini Dairy means talking about a company which knows how to combine both tradition and quality with modern technology. Monti Trentini S.p.a. is a modern and tecnically advanced company which has made the quality of its product the essential requisite of its dedication and work towards its customers; genuine milk, incontaminated air, experience and tradition - all of these go towards producing only high-quality cheeses from the Trentino region of Italy.

Mersey Valley Cheese

Mersey Valley is Australia's best loved vintage club cheddar! Mersey Valley vintage club cheddar was created over 35 years ago, and is named after the fertile farmlands of the Mersey Valley region, in Tasmania’s unspoilt Cradle Country.

Lattebusche Cheese

Lattebusche today is a modern production company working exclusively local milk, daily collected in the stables of 357 members.

King Island Dairy

Founded in the early 1900's King Island Dairy are producers of award winning and world class speciality cheese and dairy products.

Granarolo Cheese

Made with cow’s and sheep’s milk, the cheeses are enhanced by the experience of knowledgeable cheesemakers and perfected ageing technologies.


The history of the GENNARI family is that of three typical food products par excellence, worldly known for their genuineness and fragrance: Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano and Parma ham. Maturation and curing of these products have always been our speciality.

Euro Pomella Cheese

Europomella has been making cheese using traditional methods for over eighty years. Together with its accumulated know-how it has developed a research team ready to use innovative techniques to high quality traditional products.

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